Quality of services

The number of charging points is becoming very significant and the coverage of territories is increasing.

With the growth in the number of customers, feedback is multiplying and brings up typical cases of service quality defects, even if their overall functioning is at a good level. In addition, charging service roaming, enabling a mobility operator’s customers to access other operators’ charging points, involves exchanges of services between these operators which lead them to detect quality defects themselves.

It is time to take an interest in the quality of electromobility services, because the assurance for the end customer, and for the operators who serve them, of a controlled level of malfunctions is essential to the further development of the market. Too many counter-references are likely to prevent new users from adopting electric vehicles.

This is why AFIREV has set up a plan of actions for Quality of Services, the first act of which is to propose to all operators the signature of a quality charter so that they take care of the same essential points of attention.

Three model charters have been developed in the framework of the European association eMI3 for dissemination in the EC Member States. Here is the French version of these charters:

They can be read and downloaded by clicking on the corresponding links above.

AFIREV calls on Owners and Operators to download the charter which concerns them, to complete and sign it, and to send it by e-mail to: contact@afirev.fr

Owners who delegate the operation of their infrastructure to a sub-contracting operator are concerned by the signing of the charter, as the sub-contracting operator cannot assume this commitment independantly.

Operators who perform both roles, charging spots operator and e-mobility operator may sign each of the two charters.

AFIREV shall publish a list of the Operators who have signed each of the charters, under condition they accept that their signature be published.