Massive use of electrical vehicles requires many charging stations and… roaming: with a subscription at an e-mobility service provider, the user can charge its EV at stations of other operators everywhere.

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AFIREV association

French Association for Roaming of Electricity Charging Service (AFIREV) was created on march 2015 by 7 major actors of e-mobility. More than 20 are members today.

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EV-station dialogue "ISO15118"

Following an analysis of the uses and costs of this high-level communication, AFIREV calls on French industry to organise its deployment.

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Recommendation for quality booklet

Based on recent return of experience, we publish recommendations to charging infrastructure owners and operators, and service suppliers.

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Cyber security and ISO-15118

Recommendations for implementation of PKI architecture and certificate pooling and distribution.

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Who can join AFIREV?

Applications to join are received by the Board of Directors, which verifies their compliance with the membership criteria according to the statutes.

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